Our Work Isn't Done Yet

Back in 2016, I was motivated to run for office because of the inaction and absence of meaningful results from my elected representative. Thanks to you, we pulled off an upset victory and delivered real results for our communities.

Since assuming office, I’ve introduced eleven bills that have been signed into law and have many others currently advancing through the legislative process, all while never missing a vote. We’ve made steady progress in our area and across Michigan in recent years, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

In just two years, I voted to provide the highest funding in state history to roads and schools, led the effort to require retired state legislators to pay more for their own health care costs, and sponsored legislation signed into law that provides tax relief to police and fire department retirees.

This is the place where I was born, where I chose to raise my family, and where I’ve run my business. I think like the people of this district, I work hard like the people of this district, and I have the determination to fight for our community.

I look forward to serving the people of this district for another two years and continue to fight for the issues that matter most to our community.


Joe Bellino 


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