Monroe County has a strong history as an agricultural community, but some people choose to disregard that community and history. Driving across Monroe County, you will see rows and rows of all the agricultural products that we grow, from soybeans all the way down to delicious Michigan sweetcorn. 

It's easy to forget the importance that agriculture has in our state. There are many people in Lansing who would like to act as if food is grown in the back of the supermarket. They forget how integral farms and other agriculture centered businesses are. 

Joe Bellino has a 100% voting record with the Michigan Farm Bureau and has supported farmers with every vote in Lansing.

Going forward Joe believes that we need to do the following to support agriculture in Michigan: 

  1. Ensure stability for farmers by simplifying and codifying the tax structure that Michigan farmers use.
  2. Allowing agro-tourism to continue to grow without onerous government interference. 
  3. Ensuring solid infrastructure for farmers to use when selling or moving their products. 

Monroe needs representatives in Lansing who will work for farmers, not against them. That's why Joe Bellino has been endorsed by the Michigan Farm Bureau and the Michigan Corn Growers Association. Joe Bellino works for farmers everyday in Lansing.