Well-Paying Jobs and A Vibrant Economy 

Joe Bellino has worked hard to pass laws that enable every sector of our economy to grow. From removing outdated and cumbersome regulations, to voting against the repeal of Michigan's prevailing wage, Joe has done what he believes is best for the people he represents, not partisan interests.

Joe has owned Broadway Market in Monroe for over 20 years, and knows how important small businesses are to Michigan's economic health. He has seen how careless mandates can damage small businesses and how they can change a business' outlook for both the employer and the employee. He has grown his business in the Monroe area and understands what other small business owners and the people they hire go through.

Michigan has bounced back from the "lost decade" under Granholm policies, and the state government should not pass policies that will put us back into economic decline. We need people in Lansing who will continue to expand on the economic progress we’ve made, not take us back to policies that shutter businesses and ship jobs out of state.

Help Joe as he works to support our community by volunteering here, or signing up here.