No-Fault Car Insurance

Michigan has some of the highest insurance rates in the nation because of our no-fault insurance mandates. This corrupt system has made it increasingly difficult for hardworking Michigan taxpayers to afford basic coverage.

For the last two years, Joe has worked tirelessly to reform the way Michigan handles car insurance. Whether we reform or repeal the no-fault mandate, Michigan drivers are in desperate need of relief. Special interest groups will do anything they can to keep the status quo to profit off of Michigan residents. 

Joe understands that ending no-fault is a key part of strengthening our local economy. Car insurance costs three times more in Michigan than in Ohio, and the people of our region need to have less of their money going to lawyers and special interests and more money going to our small businesses.

Join us in fighting to change this broken system! You can sign the "End No-Fault Car Insurance" petition here, or donate here.