Michigan's Crumbling Infrastructure

Driving down I-75 tells you all you need to know about the state of infrastructure in Southeast Michigan. Michigan’s "lost decade" took a huge toll on our roads, and we need policies that will ensure the long term integrity of our infrastructure. Responsible budgeting has created several consecutive surpluses in our state budget and that money is being put back into our roads. We need to ensure that these surpluses continue to go where they are needed, and not to frivolous pork barrel projects.

Rep. Bellino has taken a leading role in this, working to bring over $3 million back into the district to fully repair South Stoney Creek Road.

Not only do we need to repair our infrastructure, however, but we need to ensure its stability for the decades to come. Michigan needs to be looking into techniques and technologies that allow our roads to last long and be more cost effective. No more patching without fixing the underlying problems that plague our roads, leaving our communities to confront the same problems year after year.

In order to keep this momentum going, we need to elect people to Lansing that will continue ensuring that we continue to make progress in giving the people of our district roads they can be proud of. Joe Bellino will work to ensure the necessary levels of funding for roads across our region.

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